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You can visit the Cueva del Viento again, the largest volcanic tube in Europe. But we had to make some changes to adapt to Covid 19 prevention rules and become a safer recreational experience. Here are some of our new rules:

.- Reservation of places via the web.

.- Limitation of capacity (maximum 10 people).

.- Use of the mask throughout the visit.

.- Keeping a safe distance

.- Coughing or sneezing into the crook of the elbow.

.- Follow the guide's instructions and the indications on the prevention signs.



Now you can visit the cave on foot from the visitor centre to the volcano tube via a path of medium-high difficulty and with 200 metres of difference in altitude. 



Travel into the interior of the earth. A unique experience.

The Cueva del Viento-Sobrado underground complex is the largest volcanic tube in the European Union and one of the largest in the world.

Created from the lava flows of Pico Viejo, located next to Mount Teide, a visit to the Cueva del Viento allows you to understand the role of lava flows in volcanism and to contemplate the capricious shapes of the lava inside the earth.

This tube is an example of geological complexity. Along its more than 17-kilometre-long extension, there are three different levels of passages and beautiful geomorphological phenomena such as chasms, terraces and other lava formations.

One of our guides will explain all the secrets of this unique volcanic cave during the tour. But if you want to delve deeper, you can quench your curiosity with the help of the bilingual panels that you will find both in the visitor centre and in the cave.

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    Walking route

    The visit to the cave begins at the Visitor Centre. From there we walk along the Los Piquetes road and the Breveritas path until we reach the Royal Path (Camino Real). There we continue walking until we reach the entrance to the Cueva del Viento.

    The distance on foot is 1.1 km with a difference in altitude of 200 metres to the entrance of the volcanic tube. Then we make our way inside the tube and return to the Visitor Centre along the same route.

    More information

    The meeting point is the Visitor Centre.  Try not to arrive more than 10 minutes before the visit because of the hygiene protocols we all have to follow.

    Safety and prevention measures


    .- Mandatory use of the mask throughout the course.

    .- Wearing closed sports shoes or hiking boots is obligatory.

    .- Do not bring bags or backpacks, as they are not allowed and you cannot leave them at the visitor centre.

    .- Always follow the guide's instructions: never leave the marked routes and do not separate from the group. 

    .- Always remember that the cave is a protected ecosystem of great value, so do not leave any rubbish behind and do not alter what nature has created.

    .- It is not allowed to bring animals. 

    .- Do not take any material from the environment.

    .- We recommend bringing a small bottle of water per person.

    Tips to enjoy the experience to the fullest


    .- Bring long trousers and something warm (14 degrees, 80% humidity), in the winter months bring a rain coat.

    .- You can bring a camera or video camera, but always without a bag. We also advise against the use of tripods.

    .- If you feel tired, let the guide know immediately.  

    .- you can wear a fanny pack

    Other interesting information


    Guided tours are currently only available for groups of up to 10 people.

    Duration of the visit: 3 hours. 

    Level of difficulty: medium-high.

    Children under 5, people with claustrophobia and people with mobility problems in bones, knees and ankles are not admitted. 

    Ask us before booking the visit if it is advisable for you if you have any health problems.

    Tel: 922 47 43 80

    Direction Visitor Center:

    Link Google maps:,-16.701907,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x5702ec614c7d68c1!8m2!3d28.3520121!4d-16.7039689?hl=es


    Address Camino los Piquetes, 51, 38438 Icod de los Vinos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España

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