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The experience of visiting one of the largest lava tube in the world!! The Cueva del Viento-Sobrado underground complex is the largest lava tube in the European Union. It was created by lava flows from Pico Viejo, next to Mt. Teide.
A visit to Cueva del Viento gives you an insight into the role of lava flows in a volcanic eruption, and offers you the chance to see the whimsical forms sculpted by the lava in the bowels of the earth. Is a fine example of the complexity of geology. 
There are three different passage levels in the more than 17 kilometres of tubes, together with beautiful geo-morphological phenomenon like chasms, terraces and other lava formations.
Apart from the information panels in two languages in the Visitors’ Centre and those inside the cave, an expert guide will explain the features of this amazing volcanic complex.

Adulto = Adult

Niño = children

Residente Canario = local people

Only the days in Green color have free places. before you pay please check the date.

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    The visit to the cave starts on board a vehicle that will take groups of up to 15 people from the Centre to the entrance to the cave. The walk will take us through an area of foothills farms and pine forests and along an old bridle path.

    Más información

    • Its obligate wear closed sport shoes or walking shoes, and we recommended wear long trousers and pullover (14ºC, 80% humidity) in Winter raincoat. 
    • For safety and comfort reasons bags or rucksacks are not allowed, we do not have lockers in the visitor center
    • you can take belly bags and  camera without bag
    • Always obey the instructions given by the guides. Do not take any unmarked path or leave the group. 
    • If you feel tired, tell the guide immediately.
    • Do not leave any waste behind or damage the cave; remember that is a very valuable protected ecosystem. 
    • Animals are not allowed. 
    • Do not take any material from the surroundings. Please do not touch anything. 
    • The guided routes are made with 15 persons each one; if you are late, you will lose the option to participate.
    • Duration: 2,30 hours. 
    • Difficulty: medium. 
    • Children must be at least 5 years old. Also people who get claustrophobia and those with problems in knees and ankles, should consider the entrance.


    Address Camino los Piquetes, 51, 38438 Icod de los Vinos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España

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